History of SWIRE Co.

Southwest Iowa Real Estate Company has a rich history in Audubon. Established in 1878 as Nash & Phelps, the agency is the oldest brokerage firm in this area. The agency was later named Arnold, Ross & Rasmussen before obtaining its current name.
In 1939 the name Southwest Iowa Real Estate Company was assigned to the firm. Lyle Hansen Sr. became a partner in 1948 with S. Herbert Hansen and Bill Magnussen. Other partners over the years included Dale L. Root, Wayne Stewart, Paul Worster, and Thomas R. Nielsen. 
Lyle Hansen Jr. became a partner on January 1, 1975, and later was the sole owner. On January 1, 2017, Genelle Deist became the shareholder of the company.
Southwest Iowa Real Estate Company has three agents - Lyle, Bruce A. Christensen and Genelle Deist. They specialize in residential and farm sales, farm management and auction services.